Finding meaning in what you do, whatever you do

Meaning is everything. Without meaning, a film is just a 90-minute series of moving pictures. An underlying meaning is what we pay the money for. Without meaning, a painting is just globs of oil and tint on stretched canvas. Meaning is why we have emotional connections with art. Without meaning, life is monotony. Meaning is what gets us up in the morning and gives the energy to strive for more. We hope to find meaning in what we do, whatever we do.

Meaning is also going to be the focus for a gathering of more than 3,500 people from 50 countries next week in Los Angeles. Next Monday, the 20th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference gets started – gathering the best and brightest from government, business, academia, and the arts to discuss the problems that our world faces. What’s more important, it serves as a focal point for solutions to those problems. Solutions that no single sector could solve alone.

This year’s theme is “Building Meaningful Lives.” That’s a theme that resonates immensely with me, and it’s something we take pride in here at Principal. While attendees will bring their individual beliefs and attitudes to the conference, everyone will be focused on how they can contribute. By channeling the collective energy and creativity of this broad group of motivated thinkers, the Milken Conference will shine a spotlight on how we (the entire world) can allow everyone to find meaning in their lives.

That’s why we sponsor the Milken Conference (our ninth year, in fact); the spirit of collaboration to find answers and make progress possible is a core belief of Principal.

As a part of that collaboration, we are pleased to announce the following speakers from Principal:

Jim McCaughan, President, Global Asset Management and CEO, Principal Global Investors

Jerry Patterson, Senior Vice President, Retirement and Income Solutions, Principal Financial Group

Seema Shah, Global Investment Strategist, Principal Global Investors

I’ll be at the event as well, so please check back next week for daily blog posts from the conference. I’ll try to share some of the meaning that I’m able to extract from the sessions and give you a taste of the ideas in imagination that comes from the event. I’d also encourage you to visit our Milken webpage to learn more about the conference and our participation.


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