Real People. Real Companies. Real Stories. Real Inspiration. Part II.

Yesterday’s blog post highlighted two companies that were taking action to drive success. These were just two of the hundreds of inspiring stories I have heard over the last two days. In this post, I want to highlight a couple more examples of companies taking actioninc

Jill and Stephanie know about sacrifice. They are both wives of active duty military members. They wanted to do something for the families of those deployed and took action to develop an on-line community for military families to connect them with businesses owned by active duty or veteran military families. This connects those families with needs to businesses that understand their situation. Their actions not only benefit military families, but have landed them on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies. 

You never know where inspiration might be found. Bryan was in a very poor region of India with a church group building. While on his trip, someone suggested that he look at some paper manufactured locally. Being in the printing business, he was interested and found the paper to be of very high quality. He brought back samples and shared them with his clients. Today, he buys a significant amount of paper from the company. His actions not only benefited his printing business, but also created jobs in India — including jobs for some of the very kids they built the schools for when Bryan was originally visiting.

You can learn more about these inspiring companies here. If you want to see how others have taken action on their financial dreams, you can learn more here.

The conference ends Saturday, but we can keep the conversation going. What are you doing to take action? I look forward to your stories.


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