Are Your Clients’ Goals Hidden from View? (Infographic)

According to Cogent Research, 48 percent of a financial professional’s time is spent retaining current clients.* If you’re an advisor, you’re clearly focused on your clients — but can that time be spent more efficiently?

As new research shows, you may be missing an opportunity to address what matters most to them: a clear understanding of their ultimate investment goals and a plan for achieving those goals.*

So how do you gain a clear view and understanding of your clients’ situation, let alone deliver a plan, if they’re among the 5.7 million households working with more than one financial professional?* You don’t exactly have a complete view.

The answer is straightforward: help consolidate their assets. 78% of investors with one financial professional agree they are receiving better financial advice versus only 33% of investors with multiple financial professionals.*

If you missed my previous blog on this topic, I mentioned our new white paper, “Maximizing Value through Asset Consolidation.” Check it out for an in-depth look at the research.

When boiled down, this infographic highlights the benefits of asset consolidation for both professionals and investors. It’s powerful stuff.

Maximizing Client Relationships with Asset Consolidation Strategies

*Cogent, May 2013.

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