New Bloggers – Fixed Income!!

You may have noticed over the past several weeks that in addition to the great economic insights posts here on the Institutional Investor section of The Principal Blog, there have been some guest contributors. Several investment professionals from Principal Global Fixed Income have been writing posts that delve into their areas of expertise. You’ve seen posts on managing volatility and tail risk from Derek White, the head of risk management. You’ve read about bank loan strategies from Mark Cernicky, product specialist. You’ve learned about yields on Japanese government bonds from our global strategist, Seema Shah. And you’ve read about 10 concrete concepts to researching high yield from Phelps Hoyt, our head of high yield research.

I’m delighted to announce that because of the positive response we’ve received on the fixed income blog posts, we’ll be expanding our Institutional Investor section to include regular posts from the fixed income team! The Institutional Investor section will now have two sub-sections: Economic Insights, where you’ll find thoughts on macro topics, and Fixed Income, where you’ll be able to read about issues in today’s fixed income marketplace.

I think you’ll enjoy the regular posts from the various voices within our fixed income teams. Regular blogging will give our investment pros a direct line of communication to discuss what they’re seeing in the world and how it’s affecting their decisions.

As a forward-looking company, we think that this is the path that successful investment managers will have to follow in the future in order to best serve clients and become their trusted advisor.

We’re excited to be taking that step now!

I encourage you to check in with the blog on Wednesday, June 26 for a video message from a couple of the authors on the new Principal Global Fixed Income blogging team. And keep reading for the latest insights from Principal Global Investors!



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