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Weathering the Market Volatility Storm; Clear Skies on the Horizon for High Yield

Since the beginning of June, high yield spreads have widened by over 150 basis points (bps). The energy sector is trading above 1,000 bps, blowing past the December wides. And, although the rest of the high yield sectors have held up, no sector has been immune to market volatility. In light of…

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Views from the CIO: Is Recent Market Correction a Buying Opportunity? Earnings Will Tell

As of this writing, the S&P 500 has declined by 11% since its all-time highs in May. The MSCI EAFE had a similar decline, but emerging markets have corrected by 24% (USD terms) since their highs in April. Concern about China’s economic growth was the immediate catalyst for the drop. ETF…

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