Keeping baby boomers on your radar

We spend a lot of time considering how to appeal to up-and-coming millennials, whether they’re employees or business owners. But have we lost sight of the other generations?

Take baby boomers, for example. The youngest are in their 50s, and many are delaying retirement. In fact, nearly half of those still working say they likely won’t retire until age 66 or older.*

Boomers are still vital members of the workforce, and they bring a distinct set of skills to their jobs. To learn more about the value of understanding generational differences and factors to consider when it comes to baby boomers in the workplace, check out my blog on BenefitsPro.

* Many Baby Boomers Reluctant to Retire; Harter, Jim and Agrawal, Sanjeeta; Jan. 20, 2014 (most recent available); viewed March 18, 2016;