2 Easy Steps to Surf Your Pipeline Like a Pro

On a recent adventure to the North Shore of Oahu, a friend and I hopped on our beach cruisers to check out the surfing competition at Banzai Pipeline, known to the locals as simply “Pipeline.” Here, surfers test their fate at navigating the wild churning water while waiting for that perfect wave. How do YOU catch your perfect wave – the plan sponsor who will understand the value you provide, the individual who desperately needs your advice, or the business owner trying to create a succession plan?


Turning your pipeline prospects into loyal clients

I’m betting your pipeline is built through referrals, networking, internal business partners, and possibly some good ol’ fashioned cold calling. But now what? Here are two easy steps you can take today:

Step 1:  Create a simple marketing calendar. I know this sounds obvious, but do you have one? Most advisors I meet admit they don’t, but realize they desperately need it. A marketing calendar allows all the players on your team to understand what should happen and when. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Don’t get hung up on the details – just get your feet wet by starting a simple calendar. Brainstorm some marketing touches you can make weekly, monthly, annually, etc. to stay in front of prospects.
  • Assign someone on your team to oversee the execution of your marketing plan. This accountability will ensure communication is done timely and accurately.
  • Take a look at an example to get started.

Step 2:  Determine content. Now, fill in your marketing calendar with specifics. Here are two ideas for reaching existing and prospective clients:

  • Quarterly webcast – that may sound scary at first because you might not have subject matter experts on staff to create content. Tip: leverage your service providers and investment options providers. There’s an abundance of content out there. Just ask for pieces you can brand as your own!
  • Drip email campaign – this is great way to stay in front of clients, but again, it’s time consuming to create and share relevant, timely, and quality content. Tip: take a look at this prospecting microsite for topical content you can start using immediately.

Follow these two easy steps and you’ll be surfing your pipeline like a pro in no time – hopefully catching some new prospects to feed into your pipeline while turning others into loyal long-term clients. Use Comments to tell me what you’re doing to build pipeline for your practice – I’d love to hear from you. Aloha!



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