Business Liquidity doesn’t have to Cost You Control

Here’s the set-up. 

Charles Goodwin* is a 100 percent owner of Goodwin Industries. 

He’s 52 and has a daughter who is active in the business, which is worth $15 million. It’s growing and profitable.

There is a $2 million loan outstanding for which Charles is a personal guarantor. 

Charles wants to unlock a large amount of the company’s wealth for various personal projects. And while he’s not ready to retire, he eventually would like his daughter to take over. 

At, I cover some options for unlocking liquidity without relinquishing control of the company and make a recommendation for those in a similar position.

* All information in the case study is fictitious and is used to illustrate business liquidity options. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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