Learning BOES from a “BOES-O”

Maybe you can’t kid a kidder. But I’m hoping you can learn a bit about BOES from a “BOES-O”.

I’m one of our Business, Owner and Executive Solutions (BOES) Regional Vice Presidents on the Individual Life Distribution Team. I fill my days and weeks touting the virtues of providing planning services to business owners (a dramatically underserved marketplace) and educating advisors about the fulfilling and rewarding career opportunities within this market.

Sometimes my team members and I (expect to see upcoming blogs from them as well) are referred to in jest as “The BOES-Os,” and I often have fun running with this moniker (and marketing my own mocked-up products, like “BOES-O’s Cereal” just for fun – see graphic).

I’ve been around the industry for a while, starting in sales, and then in roles in business market case design, sales management and product management. My current distribution job kind of takes me full circle back to sales and the business market.

What I hope to do in the coming months is share with you the practical applications of what we do to help business owners. It’s mostly about getting them over the hurdles to doing the planning that is so critical to not only the success of their business, but to the value and the longevity of their business.

MANY of the millions of family-owned business owners would tell you that their top objective is to pass their business along to their kids or grandkids. And yet a majority of these business owners are in a position that their business represents their most significant (or sometimes ONLY) retirement asset. Most are perplexed – or haven’t even thought about – how they can possibly accomplish both.

It often starts with understanding the value of the business, and then more importantly, ensuring (or insuring) how that value can be maintained, grown and protected.

We’ll touch on many of the ways we help business owners accomplish these kinds of daunting tasks in a not-so-daunting way. That’s our specialty, and I look forward to sharing with you along the way.

In the meantime, please support our efforts by indulging in a tasty treat.


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