Building Blocks

Thank you for taking a minute to read the first in a series of blog entries from our team! Let me start by introducing my role and then provide you with some background on myself.

As Regional Vice President of the Business, Owner and Executive Solutions (BOES) platform at the Principal Financial Group®, I help bring insurance-based solutions to business owners and employers through wholesalers and brokerage firms. Our solutions can be used for a variety of needs, including:

  •      Business exit planning
  •      Estate planning
  •      Retirement income
  •      Business protection
  •      Survivor income
  •      Income protection

Like a life insurance plan helps protect an individual and his or her family members, these types of insurance-based plans can help protect and provide for business owners and their families, as well as key employees, in a variety of ways. It all depends on the need. 

By way of personal background, when I first learned of the opportunity to take on this role, I was extremely excited because it fit so well with my background and interests. With prior experience as an attorney and a CPA, I had always been drawn to the many business needs for life insurance. More importantly, I saw it as a significantly underserved market.   

Further, the Business, Owner and Executive Solutions role presented an opportunity to be a part of building something that would be a significant part of the future of the industry. In the past I had always had an intense interest in building capabilities, including starting the Club Sports Program at Wake Forest University (which started with the lacrosse team and now comprises over 35 programs) to helping transform an Executive Benefits brokerage firm from a few scattered offices to a nationwide organization to which I recruited over 120 producers.

From there I moved on to a role with another life insurance carrier where I was involved with business owner solutions. During this time, I learned about and was impressed by the high level business insurance capabilities the Principal Financial Group® brought to the table. To be able to step into a key strategic role and help grow our team to promote this extraordinary platform was extremely appealing. 

How do we do it, exactly?

Essentially our role is to help leverage insurance distribution through the promotion of the BOES platform and related sales support, utilizing it to grow marketshare and gain shelf space with existing Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs), as well as using it as a tool to engage new partners. 

As we have grown from just myself and a shared internal wholesaler, to four BOES Regional Vice Presidents and two internal wholesalers, it has become increasing clear to me what a critical role BOES has to play in the marketplace.

More and more of our customers see the business market as the key to their future success – both as a way to grow sales through traditional agents – and to expand their marketshare. One example being the success we are seeing working with our BGA partners to promote life insurance sales through Property and Casualty (P&C) agencies.

In my next blog, I will focus on the opportunity that we see to grow our business through P&C agencies and the enormous opportunity this represents. I hope you will follow me and my team of BOES wholesalers as we share our experiences – including how we can be helpful in identifying and expanding opportunities for you and your organization.


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