What do a meteorologist and a strategist have in common?

Whether they’re forecasting the weather or developing a company’s plans and tactics, both meteorologists and strategists make predictions about the future. And, having had careers in both fields, I’m living proof that, upon occasion, you can get things wrong and still keep your job!

So, what’s my story?

After getting a degree in meteorology, an unusual set of circumstances led me in another direction – one I never saw coming. I now work as a strategist for the Principal Financial Group®­, where I spend most of my time thinking about the future, formulating theories and looking for opportunities.

To do this, I blend industry knowledge from my 30-year career in insurance with my own perspectives as a consumer to help assess evolving markets, bring solutions – not just products – to the market, and engage customers along the way.

In the months ahead, I plan to share some of my thoughts with you via this blog. Think of it as my view of the world, but with a lens toward employer-based group insurance, employee benefit programs, and advisors who work with both employers and employees.

Future topics I’m considering include confounding behaviors that emerge when consumers purchase insurance, what employers can expect to gain when installing a voluntary plan and my view of what’s on the horizon in 2014 for advisors who work in the employee benefits space.

Take a look at this piece I wrote for benefitspro.com about the importance of being optimistic in our industry, and the reasons we should be thinking positively.

I hope you’ll tune in from time to time. My goal is to share insights I believe can help you navigate the future. And, I hope to learn from you, as well, so be sure to let me know what you’re thinking along the way.