From dad to ski patrol (with financial services marketing in between), I’m here to help

My name is Randy Bachman.

I go by many titles, including dad, husband, coach, teammate, boss, mentor, marketing guy and ski patrol to name a few.

Like the game we played as kids, what do all of those have in common?

The answer is, I’m passionate about helping people and have found my professional calling in the financial services industry.

Over the course of my 21 years in the business and travels around the world, I have seen people struggle when they reach a major life event to answer the “Now what?” question.

Maybe it’s a new employee who gets a benefit packet for the first time. A family preparing to welcome a new child. An entrepreneur taking their passion from a hobby to a new business. Or the employee who just made the decision to retire.

What unites these unique situations is that someone needs help finding an answer that is right for them.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some of the best financial professionals in the business as well as their clients:

    • Small business owners
    • Retirement plan sponsors
    • Individuals

These experiences have helped me understand how they proactively attack the “Now what?” question. My goal with this blog is to share insight to get you the help you need as you reach various milestones in your life and go searching for answers.

So, now what? Keep an eye on this space (you can subscribe below or above and to the right) for my upcoming blog on how my time as a ski patroller can help you – and not just you future Olympians out there. Then, follow me on Twitter @BachmanRandy for additional thoughts.

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