Incorporating Social Media in Your Practice (Infographic)

A few phrases you might not put together in a sentence: financial services, social media, industry regulation, cutting edge.

That said, you’ve probably noticed a shift lately as industry regulators have started to find their footing in the world of social media. Things are changing, albeit slowly.

Personally, I think it’s fair to say that when regulators and practitioners get on the same page, social media will become a core business-building and communications tool for most advisors.

We already see the generational pressure building. According to the latest Advisor TouchpointsTM study from Cogent Research, 87% of advisors in the business for five years or less are using social media (a significant increase from 2012), while only 35% of those who have been practicing for more than 20 years are socially engaged.

Whether you’re currently incorporating social media into your practice, working on a plan, or waiting a little longer, there are some definite dos and don’ts to consider.

Incorporating Social Media Into Your Practice

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